The cultural elite, they’re so powerful!

The Age today published an article by one Nicolle Flint, who claims that Australia is ruled by progressive softies who’ve never seen hard times and who make a living from, of all things, thinking about the world. They “tell us what to think and when, who to like and how” when they’re not agonising about how animals aren’t food. We’re “beholden to their power”, lemmings poised to be led off the cliff.

Yes, because polls showing a historic defeat for the ALP really means the evil left has taken over for good.

Laying aside the low-hanging fruit, it really is news to me that Australia has become a culture dominated by some cultural elite. For better or for worse, anti-intellectualism is a pervasive part of our psyche. If anything, the lack of respect we have for people who have actually studied the subject matters we pass ignorant judgements on is the real eye-opener.

Then I read the author info and found out that she was, wait for it, a PhD candidate at Flinders. An academic wannabe talking about how the smart people are ruining the country.

Credibility: none.


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