Gary Johns, waffling cheerleader with no substance

In one of the worst instances of drivel I have ever seen in The Australian, Gary Johns advises that the Prime Minister Tony Abbott should advocate for lower energy prices. Without ever coming up with any substantive reasons why that would be a good idea beyond that it would be “popular” and would “grind the Red/Green enemy into the ground”.

Beyond mockery of Johns for his intellectual lightweightedness and his ludicrously over-the-top rhetoric, there are some pretty good reasons why lower energy prices isn’t something we should necessarily be enthusiastic about. You know, if they came at the expense of much more carbon emissions, well that wouldn’t be so good. At some point, the cost of increased natural disaster cleanup and sea rise mitigation would cancel it all out.

But I give Johns too much respect here. No real need to come up with legitimate policy responses when the best he’s got is a comparison of Abbott against the Red/Green enemy with the Brits against the Germans.


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